Teaching Resources 

This page is full of resources for our midweek Connect groups and for anyone who wants to delve deeper into what the Bible has to offer. Many of them are based on previous sermon series from St James or on our values. We also have a short document filled with hints and tips about how to lead a Bible study. Just click on the studies you want to use and off you go!

*NEW* CHURCH series - resources for Connect Groups

Session 1: What about Church?
Session 2: What about St. James? 
Session 3: What about You?
Session 4: What about Others? 

Bible Study:

How to lead a Bible Study

Bible Studies based on Bible Books:

St James Values - Introductions:

These one-page Bible studies are a great way to start thinking about our values Biblically. It is a great starting point for our new Connect Groups!

St James Values - Going Deeper:

These short series are themed around one of our values and a good way for our Connect Groups to focus on one of them as a group.

Additional Resources:

If you need any other resources contact Michelle

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