Who's Who



Jude is our Vicar and started with us as our Curate in 2012. Jude and Hannah have 2 children and Jude is known to do the odd Iron Man. They also enjoy ice cream regularly (Jude's favourite flavour is green). Hannah is our student chaplain and is yet to do an iron man.... watch this space.



Matt is our Associate Pastor and Creative Director. He joined the team in July 2018. Matt is a Scouser but we would advise against asking him which football team he supports. You will really not like the answer. Matt is married to Becky.




Kirsty is our operations manager and charity coordinator (also known as our 'Ops Queen'). Kirsty is married to John, an avid Everton supporter; apparently other Merseyside football teams are also available. Attempt to convert their daughter to said team at your peril.



Becky started as Families Worker in July 2019 and she is also one of our school Missional chaplains. Apart from her husband Matt (and Jesus), her other great love is her guinea pigs but their great love is cucumber.



John is our Student and Youth Pastor. He joined the team in 2019 after graduating from the University of Liverpool. He has a heart to see the next generation be a generation who will pursue Jesus with everything. He oversees Students Connect, The Brewery and is one of our schools Missional Chaplains too.  He's always keen for a good brew, a deep chat and is rarely seen not sporting an item of LFC merchandise!



Jennie is training for ordained ministry and is on placement with us until June 2021.  Jennie is born and bred scouse and proudly supports the RIGHT Merseyside football team (the red one), is a single mum to Caitlin and Josh and is passionate about social transformation!


lois picture

Lois is our Assistant Worship Pastor and is also one of our Assistant Chaplins to the Universities. She has recently graduated from Liverpool John Moores University and attended St James as a student. Lois is originally from Wigan and is a supporter of her local football team Wigan Athletic.



Rebecca is a 3rd year music student at the University of Liverpool and is on a placement With STJ alongside her final year studies as one of the Assistant Worship Pastors. Rebecca has been a member of St James since she started university in 2018. She is originally from Wigan so if you want to hear about some of the weird food that comes from there like pie barms she’d be happy to tell you about them.


Matty is our Lead Schools Missional Chaplain. He is from Liverpool and loves the city and the people! Matty loves playing and watching football, Liverpool FC being his team. He previously worked at Youth for Christ so has lots of experience working with schools and young people.



Glen is a medical student and committed member of STJ. This year he is also on the staff team as a University Anglican Chaplain Assistant. He is always up for a good chat and a strong coffee. Please don't ask him about his gap year otherwise you’ll never hear the end of it!

JW photo


Janet is the administrator for Liverpool Next Generation (LNG). She is 26 and has just moved from a small village near Lancaster (surrounded by farms, fields and sheep!) to Liverpool.She loves reading, walking, eating out and will never say no to meeting up for a coffee! She is also our acting Safeguarding Officer for the next few months. 


Bryan is one of our churchwardens. Along with his wife, Alwyn, they run an antiquarian bookshop in the city centre. He is able to count to over 100 and is, therefore, entrusted with the job of counting how many people come on a Sunday.




Andy is our other churchwarden and our general 'fix all our problems' man. This used to include looking after our self-composting toilet so no-one was more relieved when we completed our latest building project. If you hear anyone heckling in the service it will be his wife Beej.