Who's Who


Jude is our Vicar and started with us as our Curate in 2012. Jude and Hannah have 2 children and Jude is known to do the odd Iron Man. They also enjoy ice cream regularly (Jude's favourite flavour is green).



Ed has been our Curate since June 2017.
Ed and Zoë have settled into Liverpool well and are slowly losing their 'Southern-ness'.
We like them either way. 

Matt and Becky

Matt is our Worship Pastor and joined the team in July 2018. 
Matt and Becky are both Scousers and moved in with their guinea pigs (not originally from Liverpool).
We would advise against asking Matt what team he supports. You will not like the answer.


Kirsty is our operations manager and charity coordinator (also known as our 'Ops Queen').
Kirsty is married to John, an avid supporter of Everton football club. Kirsty has learnt to accept this (other Merseyside football teams are also available).
Their daughter is yet to pledge allegiance. 

Beth and Tog
Tog and Beth are our student pastors, interns, and all-round legends. You will often find them clearing up the mess we all make or gently persuading the rest of the staff team to do it for once.
In any spare time that they find, Tog volunteers for an education charity in Anfield and Beth gets better at tasting wine (she's taking a course and everything!).


Bryan is one of our churchwardens. Along with his wife, Alwyn, they run an antiquarian bookshop in the city centre.
He is able to count to over 100 and is, therefore, entrusted with the job of counting how many people come on a Sunday.


Andy is our other churchwarden and our general 'fix all our    problems' man. This used to include looking after our self-composting toilet so no-one was more relieved when we completed our latest building project.
If you hear anyone heckling in the service it will be his wife Beej.