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Alpha Starts Soon! 

Alpha is an opportunity to discover more about the Christian faith, as well as share your thoughts and questions with a group of people just like you. No question is too big or too small and there are no wrong answers here. 

We run multiple Alpha Courses each year, in person and with online option available!

Our next course will begin in September  

What will Alpha look like? 

You'll arrive at 7pm at St James in the City, Upper Parliament Street, L8 1UR and eat with all the helpers and guests. We have vegan options available. If you fill in the form below, someone will contact you about dietary requirements. 

There will be some live music playing whilst you eat. 

Next will come an Alpha video, this is usually between 20-30 minutes long. Or you'll watch this on zoom if you're joining online. 

After that, you'll chat about the video with the same small group every week. 

Very chilled, no pressure to come back after week 1! We'd really love to have you join us! 

Sign up for either of these below and we will send you the details! 

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For more information, look at our Alpha Facebook Group or contact us at


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