About All Age Worship 

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Here at St James, we love worshipping as a whole church together. Every service has time dedicated to our all age worship and we use a mix of home-grown songs and other published songs.

You will see us bouncing up and down, throwing our arms around, and generally having fun when we worship as a family. Our children are better than the adults at leading us in actions!

We are really proud of the All Age Worship that has come out of St James, pioneered by our former worship pastor Debs Davies and through Matt our Creative Director and the team. Our hope and prayer is that they prove to be a great resource for other churches as well.

On our site you will find lyrics and chord sheets, action videos, and lyric videos for Building Bricks and Through the Roof and Nothing Stands Between Us. If you want the physical CDs then please contact us and let us know how you get on with them!


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