God @ Work 


Helping each other to serve people and build the kingdom in our places of work.


We recognise that many people lead busy and challenging lives outside of the time they spend at church. This group aims to provide relationship, discipleship and community to strengthen and affirm us to be effective as Christians outside of our church family. The focus is not the meeting but what we do between meetings. This group therefore has two aims: 

1) Encouragement and building up of each other. Knowing where you are at, the main battles you face as a Christian and supporting you in spiritual and practical ways. 

2) Releasing you to be on mission at work and where you live. This presents different challenges and opportunities for everyone, e.g. praying for and hearing from God for colleagues, lunchtime prayer sessions, Alpha at work, inviting colleagues to social events, generally being loving and caring to our colleagues and neighbours. If we are not built up, we cannot be effective. If we are built up but doing nothing, we lose our effectiveness.



Anyone who shares this vision, from busy professionals to full time parents.


Alternative Tuesday evenings, 7:30pm.


Meet in members' homes.


E-Mail: florez_andres@yahoo.com

E-Mail: naomid_187@hotmail.com