Purpose and Link Groups


Alongside meeting up on a Sunday, the primary way to be part of St James in the City is to be in a Purpose or Link group.

Purpose Groups

Purpose: the reason for which something is done or created, or for which something exists.

Purpose Groups are a collection of people with a shared focus or passion who meet regularly encourage each other in a particular area.
Have a look at the groups below and visit their pages for more information including contact details.

Peace and Justice - to fight for peace and justice in our city through prayer and support of relevant campaigns.

God@Work - helping each other to serve people and build the kingdom in our places of work.

Nourish - supporting Mums with pre-school children.  

International Students - to care for international students and show a tangible expression of Christ through our friendship.

Children’s Work - supporting those involved in our children’s work.  A space to be creative, share ideas and grow together in our own faith.

Students - to help our students settle into life in a new city and to deepen their relationship with God at the same time.

Link Groups

Link groups are small, discipleship groups, aimed primarily at Bible study, prayer and deepening friendships. They normally form after a Newcomers course finishes and are great places for people to grow in faith before joining a Purpose Group.

We currently have three different Link groups, meeting on a Tuesday or a Thursday night.

For more information about joining a Link group, please contact Rev. Ed Down.